• Bed Terra


Bed Terra

The Terra solid wood bed is made with unique parquet technology, where the parts of wood connect horizontally and vertically. This design method puts this bed in the group of cheaper models from our range of solid beds. Parquet technology contributes to the specific appearance of the bed by making the texture of the wood stand out. The classic look of a massive bed with slightly wider legs and a slightly sloping headboard will fit into any space.

We offer beds of different width and length options:

  • Width: 90/100/120/140/160/180/200 cm
  • Length: 190/200/210/220 cm
  • Height: 39 cm
  • Headbord height : 84 cm
  • Side / depth of frame for mattress : 19 cm / 16 cm

The price depends on the size and type of wood selected.

*The picture shows bed model Terra made of kern beech wood.