• Bed Due


Bed Due

Due Bed is one of our modular bed models that can be combined with 8 different headboards.
Traditional joinery joint angles combined with innovative design. Perfect for all spaces. Inspired by the Asian lifestyle, dangerously good looking and with perfectly trimmed edges. Because of its massiveness, it requires larger spaces.

We offer beds of different width and length options:

  • Width: 90/100/120/140/160/180/200 cm
  • Length: 190/200/210/220 cm
  • Height: 36 cm
  • Headbord height : 86 cm
  • Side / depth of frame for mattress : 16 cm / 13 cm

The price depends on the size and type of wood selected.

*The picture shows bed model Due made of oak wood.


Choose one of the headboards for solid wood bed.